Oh! My Egg


Oh! My Egg is a simple retro-styled action game for iOS.

I created it to learn a little bit about Apple’s 3D Touch. The game is very simple: eggs appear on a conveyor belt, and you must use 3D Touch to apply force to each egg to turn it gold and get a point.

If you apply too much force, the egg breaks and it’s game over. A meter shows you how much force is being applied.


For non-3D Touch devices, the game also supports a “Tap Mode” – just tap the egg the number of times that appears in the bubble. Tap too many times, and the egg breaks.



  • 3D Touch or Tap support
  • Game Center Leaderboard
  • Social sharing via Facebook/Twitter


Technologies used

  • Swift
  • Sprite Kit
  • Google Admob


Year published: 2015

Made in: Singapore