Fujifilm X-T10 📸

  I’ve really enjoyed taking smartphone photos for some time, but more and more I felt the quality limiting. Despite what the impressive marketing says, you just can’t get the same quality of photo and depth with a smartphone camera that you can with even a low-end DSLR. So, after poking my head into the […]

How to add rewarded video ads to your SpriteKit game with Chartboost 📈

I hate ads in games. I hate them in apps. I hate them on the web. I hate them anywhere really. I’m sure you do too. They’re annoying, they clutter the view, they obnoxiously clamour for your attention, and in app and game development they’re often an afterthought or the last thing added so they […]

Future World – ArtScience Museum Singapore 🌏

    Photos from the Future World – Where Art Meets Science permanent exhibition held at Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum in Singapore. The exhibit was developed by a group of “ultra technologists” from Tokyo featuring artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, architects, mathematicians, and designers. All photos from the SPACE installation.  

SKPopMenu: Swift tile-based menu for SpriteKit 🎈

  Ever need to just quickly present a few options to the user in a SpriteKit game? There are lots of menu options for UIKit-based iOS apps, but when it came time to add a simple, re-usable menu in my SpriteKit game, I couldn’t find what I needed. Enter SKPopMenu: a fast, tile-based menu for SpriteKit […]

Add a 3D Touch meter/gauge to your SpriteKit game in Swift 👇📱

    With the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Apple added a feature called 3D Touch. Using 3D Touch, the iPhone can detect how much pressure is applied to the screen. This could be useful for any type of functionality that requires varying degrees of input. For example: increasing a character’s jump height, or […]