Eggplant for Reddit

Eggplant for Reddit

Eggplant for Reddit is an image-focused media browser for iOS. Users can add subreddits, share images, and link their account. Up/down voting is handled seamlessly through swipe gestures.

I built Eggplant mainly to get a more in-depth understanding of Swift. Initially, it was supposed to be a port of my other app Reddit Pix for Windows Phone, but new policy changes to the Reddit API prevented me from using the Reddit icon or the same name.

This app encountered quite a bit of controversy. About a month after its release, Apple pulled Eggplant and several other Reddit clients from the App Store, citing violation of its guidelines for showing NSFW content.

It created quite a stir, and the issue made headlines on many tech news sites. The upside is that this generated a lot more publicity for the app than it would have had otherwise.

There was such an uproar that Apple actually called me directly to clarify their guidelines. After making some changes, I resubmitted and the app was back on the store.


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Made in Singapore in 2016.